Membership Plan

£595/month, 12-month commitment

Plus Service Engagement Fee £2,860

We acknowledge that the pricing is out of reach for many. In a commitment to offer help at the point of need, we are putting together an online programme to support diet and lifestyle practices shown to improve health. Do check the website periodically for progress.


  • yes One-to-one service with Dr Atabo
  • yes Three-hour in-person consultation
  • yes Monthly reviews by video to check-in, explain, and support your progress
  • yes Network chart of history, symptoms and biomarkers, to guide therapy
  • yes Detailed reports to digest at your own pace
  • yes Food photo diary tracking and feedback to provide clarity for change
  • yes Email support to stay connected
  • no Cost of tests and supplements
  • Additional Costs

    1. Test Administration Fee

      1. 1 We charge an administrative fee of £30 for each test we order on your behalf, and for each test performed by a third party that you submit to us for inclusion in your assessment.

    2. Membership Renewal

      1. 1 After the initial 12-month membership, renewal is available on a six-monthly basis. The rate depends on the frequency of reviews by video.
      1. 1.1 Monthly review £500/month
      1. 1.2 Review every 2 months £350/month
      1. 1.3 Review every 3 months £275/month
      1. 1.4 Review every 6 months £150/month

    3. Upgrade

      1. 1 Upgrade from a video to an in-person review may be available on request, upgrade fee £500.